K-12 Education

Make learning science more efficient and help students choose their career path in STEM or healthcare. Our K-12 solution increases learning outcomes at schools and helps expand education solutions for publishing partners with exciting 3D, AR and VR content that verified by the top universities.

Immersive learning helps students significantly improve their learning ability and motivation

It’s proven by science that using 3D or VR in the classroom helps better understand complex concepts in science. 

That’s why we developed the Corinth app, the largest library for 3D and VR STEM education available to schools and partners in publishing and e-learning.

There is a need
on both sides.
And there is our VR immersive training, which:

  • allows employees to obtain qualifications for STEM and healthcare industry jobs in a few months (instead of years)
  • helps displaced people in poverty or near-poverty to get a decent living wage and raise their living standards
  • is possible to absolve at home or local workforce development center
  • reduces the risk of an accident during training to zero
  • is made with industrial standards compliance in mind

Courses for in-demand jobs in healthcare, advanced manufacturing
and more

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